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Enough is enough.

It is about time someone would do something about this whole Obama thing, don't you think?

Everyone is looking at all this in disgust and disbelief, but all we hear is: "Something has to be done about this." And we are now waiting for our country to be saved by a miracle, so we all can go back and live in America we know and love.

The main thing to remember is: we are AMERICANS.

As D. H. Lawrence said, "The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted."

And we shall prevail.

Any gang of crooks, cheats, thieves, scumbags — wherever in the world they are — does not stand a chance against real AMERICANS. Even if this gang of low-lifes is in our midst. And their own arrogance and greed will help us to defeat them.

For starters, laugh at them. This is what they cannot stand most of all. From Castro to Putin to Obama to Ahmadinejad (we are not sure if this is — God forbid! — a real progression, or just an unordered list) — all of them are absolutely paranoiac about looking funny. About being laughed at. They can sneer — but they do not know what a real laughter is.

Rest assured: whether you like Obama or not, there will be a day when he is... well, history. A rhyme and a picture carry their messages much farther in time than newspaper clippings or even witnesses.

Here is our collection — no doubt, skewed by our own allegiances — which will stay on, even after Obama is gone (for that matter, particularly after he is gone), to carry forward valuable lessons we all have learned (haven't you already?).

All of our limericks, photographs, cartoons and sketches are original (our own), and we plan to publish new ones every few days (so far, since the election, even while this guy was not a president yet, we have done better than that), eventually having an entry for every day of his term.

You are welcome to join our mailing list by sending a request to mailbox@obamafu.com; then we can send those new pieces directly to you, so you will not forget us. We do not spam anybody and do not use our mailing list other than for sending you our new work (and only with your expressed permission).

There are election timers on our site. You can include them on your Web site by using the following link to download timers. The more people are more aware of the time left, the better.

We hope this will help everyone to get through this bad time.

We shall prevail.

Start now.

Enough is enough.

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